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Knowledge Management Portal Solutions

A Knowledge Base Portal is one of the key elements when it comes to automating the customer support. Why involve your teams when you can provide a list of Frequently Asked Queries through a wiki of your own?

Major Industries We Serve


Simplify your education logistics with a futuristic online partner portal solution to make education easily accessible.


Streamline donor management, volunteer management, and other nonprofit operations to make your nonprofit a success.


Manage your real-estate brokers and partners centrally to ease your real-estate business logistics.


Group your financial services in categories and optimize them to make their management efficient and transparent for customers.


Manage doctors, nursing staff, their schedules, patient details, and more to upgrade your healthcare services.


Provide your insurers with full clarity, visibility, and transparency to overcome your customers’ skepticism and gain more sales.

Our Knowledge Management Portal Solutions

CRM Integrated Knowledge Sharing Portal

For certain CRMs such as Salesforce, you must have opted for the Knowledge Base add-on to provide a Knowledge Base. Every CRM provides various sets of access rules and an array of features. Therefore, if you are a business utilizing these features and have hosted a Knowledge Base through the CRM, we can help you bring this data to the Knowledge Management Portal. software product? 

Web Based Knowledge Management Portal

A knowledge base can be hosted on your primary website too. Having a dedicated Knowledge Base Portal lets you move out of the limitations that your primary website imposes and provide regulated access through registered users.  wiki using CMS integration to effectively manage the data and provide access to a private group of users.

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