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About us

CRM experts with 10+ years of experience in the market

Trasol has been in business since 1996 offering business management services in the field of customer relations and custom software development. Thousands of commercial real estate brokers use our products every day to run their businesses efficiently.

CRM Consulting
Custom Software Development
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Srihari Rathinasamy

(Managing Director)
Need Help With Your CRM Software?

CRM Consultant of Choice

We train your team to become CRM experts, provide a clear game plan on what will make your implementation successful, and support you at every step.

Why Choose Trasoltech

Having 20+ years of CRM consulting expertise, we can help you with CRM projects of any complexity: from the selection of a CRM and its configuration to a custom CRM development.

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CRM products and apps

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United States, Portugal, and Eastern Europe

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Custom Portal Integrations

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CRM consulting & custom software development

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Years Industry Experience


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Resource Strength

We have many reviews from our satisfied clients.

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