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Zoho Integration Services We Provide

To boost standard CRM functionality, we offer the following Zoho integration services:

Salesforce Clouds and Products Integration

Our experts can consult on the integration of single or multiple Salesforce solutions in one platform. For example, we'll guide you on how to integrate Marketing Cloud with Pardot and Einstein Analytics.

Integration with Multiple Different Systems

We can help to transit the best practices of your current CRM systems and software and unify them under a single Salesforce instance.

Integration of Several CRM Systems Across Disjoined Departments

Our consultants will turn your disintegrated and distributed CRM systems into a single organism regardless of the physical locations of your offices.

Data Integration in Salesforce

We can consult on the best integration approaches to deliver real-time data synchronization and to assure that the information across your various systems is correct and deduplicated.

Integration with Ascendix Software Solutions

You can start utilizing our top-notch products like AscendixRE CRM, Ascendix Search, Composer, and MarketSpace right from your Salesforce platform.

Integration with Custom Solutions

Our professionals will design complex integration scenarios for tailor-made solutions or build your exclusive solution and integrate it with your Salesforce organization.

Zoho Integration Options

Marketing Automation Software Integration

Flawless sales and marketing cooperation starts with easy and centralized data exchange between these teams.

Salesforce and marketing software synchronization allows you to turn your platform into a lead-nurturing machine by setting up relevant promo campaigns and enabling continuous communication with your customers.

Our Salesforce integration consultants can assist you with the selection of best-fit software and help you link it to your platform.

Social Media Integration

To offer a personalized user experience, you need to understand your customers and monitor their behavior across different channels to predict their needs and demands.

By connecting social media like Facebook and LinkedIn with your Salesforce org, you can keep yourself informed on prospects’ social activity and establish new standards of your social media presence.

We, at Ascendix, can facilitate the process of social media integration and its components for you and help you get more value out of your Salesforce investment.

Personal Planning Software and Email Integration

Connecting contact lists, tasks, schedules, and emails with a CRM system can significantly boost your teams’ productivity and help build a more complete history of client relationships.

We will help to improve the performance of your employees by integrating personal planning software and emailing clients with your Salesforce instance.

Collaboration Systems Integration

To facilitate and improve cooperation and document storage within your organization, collaboration systems like SharePoint, Google Drive, and Office 365 are no longer an option but a necessity.

However, disintegration of collaboration tools with your CRM may lead to longer downtime due to shifting between the systems and document duplication.

The synchronizing of the Salesforce with collaboration systems helps to avoid these issues and delays to give teams more flexibility in collaborating on projects.

Benefits of Zoho Integration With Ascendix

Comprehensive Software Assessment and Audit

We provide first-class Salesforce consulting and an in-depth analysis of your software from both technical and business requirements perspectives to guarantee system compatibility and integrity.

Non-intermittent Data, System, and Apps Integration

We will ensure that the integrated software implements organizational processes, exchanges information seamlessly, and helps to achieve a better user experience.

Individual Integration Roadmap Design

Our team will strategize your integration project and plan it based on your individual needs, software specifics, budget, complexity, and desired timeline of completion.

Budget-friendly Pricing Models

Due to our ability to deliver services globally and to offer various engagement models like onshore, offshore, and blended, we can adjust cost structures to any project size and budget.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We will guarantee the delivery of user-friendly, error-proof, and debugged solutions that completely align with your Salesforce instance and business processes.

Custom Software Development and Integration

Our expects can build your personalized solution on top of one these salesforce platforms: Salesforce Connect, Force.com, App Exchange App, or develop a totally unique custom-coded tools.

Our Approaches To Zoho Integration

Direct Salesforce Integration

By following this approach, we will integrate the Salesforce platform with another system via a direct API (application programming interface) or database.

Even though it is not the most flexible option, it will ensure the smooth data exchange between two systems.

Server-based Salesforce Integration

This is a more flexible approach both for organizations with small integration projects and bigger ones delivered based on the enterprise service bus (ESB) and hub-and-spoke models.

It can reduce the need for IT resources involvement because of the minimized influence of system updates on the integrated system.

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