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Since our founding in 1996, we have built 17 of our own custom CRM solutions and software products:

This first-hand experience allows our CRM technical consultants to share tried-out schemes of custom CRM software road mapping, UI/UX design development, testing, debugging, deployment, and maintenance.

Also, we specialize in custom web, mobile, and desktop app development that can be integrated with your CRM system to ensure complete alignment with your org specifications.

Our Salesforce Development Services

Result-Oriented Workflow

Our Salesforce development services are top-notch, and we are confident that in our agile workflow.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team will be assigned to your project to ensure smooth operation.

Industries We Focus On

When you decide to hire software developers at Ascendix, we provide you with a wide range of flexible engagement models. If you want to complete your team with our onshore, blended, or offshore teams of professionals, then we can offer a dedicated team model. Otherwise, you can focus on other project aspects and fully delegate the custom software development process to our experts.

Research & Discovery Session

ERP integration is one of our most sought-after Salesforce integration services. Here our dedicated professionals support your sales and service teams by extending the required information from both systems. This automates the opportunity-to-cash cycle, enhancing efficiency. We offer ERP integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Odoo ERP.

UX/UI Design and Prototyping

We help in connecting your CRM with an accounting system that helps in enriching customer profiles, sharing financial data with the sales team, managing invoices & inter-company transactions, and improving forecasts to get financial data-driven insights. We also offer Salesforce accounting integration for QuickBooks, Xero, etc.


Our team of dedicated Salesforce professionals integrates marketing systems and CRM to get re-engagement of cold leads, established lead nurturing, consistent customer experience, a visible influence of the marketing campaigns on sales, etc. Here, our Salesforce integration services.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Leverage our social media integration to keep on top of customers’ news and thoughts. Deliver personalized customer experience via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our social media integration also enables you to track prospects’ social activities and increase visibility into your social channel performance.