CRM Development

CRM Development Consulting

Since our founding in 1996, we have built 17 of our own custom CRM solutions and software products:

This first-hand experience allows our CRM technical consultants to share tried-out schemes of custom CRM software road mapping, UI/UX design development, testing, debugging, deployment, and maintenance.

Also, we specialize in custom web, mobile, and desktop app development that can be integrated with your CRM system to ensure complete alignment with your org specifications.

Salesforce Cloud Products That We Can Help Customize

Over the years, we have earned the reputation of a top-notch Salesforce customization company by delivering customizations for various Salesforce cloud products.

Solid Project Development Expertise

Having 10+ years of software development outsourcing provision, we have faced a wide variety of business and technical challenges and have delivered dozens of successful, customer-oriented, and industry-ready custom software solutions. Still wondering whether your business idea can be transformed into a powerful software product? 

24/7 Support of Your Software

When your custom app is developed and released, it is of utmost importance to support and update it regularly. This way, our software developers and QA testers will carefully monitor your app performance to improve its efficiency and streamline business operations. If you want to keep your custom software supported, we can provide maintenance services on a regular basis.

Pilot Project Development

If you are wondering whether your business idea is viable or not, we recommend you start with a pilot project. It allows you to verify your concept in a time- and cost-effective way by receiving valuable feedback from your end-users. At Ascendix, we can fully take care of your pilot project development and build only the core functionality for your custom software.

Our Custom CRM Development Life Cycle

1. Research & Discovery Session

At the first stage, we gather your requirements, needs, and preferences by considering the project. We perform interviews, workshops, and use cases to define the user interface, functionality, and other aspects to build the best custom software product for your business.

2. UX/UI Design and Prototyping

Then we proceed to UX/UI design and prototyping which allow us to develop an efficient user journey map and embed the best user experience for your clients. This way, we guarantee to build an easy-to-use and intuitive custom app that caters to your end-users needs.

3. Development

Once the UX/UI design is ready, our expert custom software developers start building your product considering the developed technical specification and your business needs. We do our best to deliver a scalable, maintainable, and secure application by following the latest industry standards and using top-notch tech stack. 

4. Quality Assurance and Testing

When the software development process is over, our QA software testers start validating your custom app. We perform stress load, functionality, and usability tests to ensure your application runs smoothly and without errors.

5. Monitoring and Deployment

Our DevOps engineers monitor and deploy the modules, changes, updates, and patches to verify the proper functioning of your application and fix all possible errors. This way, we ensure that your custom software will meet end-users’ preferences on a target device.

6. Maintenance and Support

When we finish your custom app and our software development outsourcing services, we can offer you to maintain and support your solution. This allows us to streamline your business operations by constantly improving your application with regular advancements and keeping your software healthy.

CRM Development FAQ

Software development outsourcing is the approach of delegating the development process of your project to a third-party expert company that specializes in software development and design. This way, you can greatly save on time and money for your project and ensure high-quality of the final product you will enroll to the market.

Software development outsourcing provides you with reasonable time and cost savings. First, hiring an offshore team of professionals is much cheaper than hiring, training, and housing employees. This way, you do not need to purchase and take care of technical suppliance in terms of computers, peripherals, and workspaces. Second, strict deadlines, 24/7 delivery, and fast onboarding process are the key factors that enable you to save pretty much time on custom software development.

Yes. If you want to keep your custom software updated, healthy, and error-free, then we can offer you 24/7 maintenance and IT support services. Our reliable concierge and IT support teams will take care of your application’s uptime, performance, and general compliance with the current regulations.

Sure. If you want to start a small project or you need several custom software developers to supply your internal technical team, feel free to contact us and discuss the engagement models that will suit you best.